tree-99852_640Board Leadership is the place where board operational effectiveness and strategic awareness converge! Board Training for Nonprofit Boards.

A bit of history

In 2013 we celebrated our 10th anniversary of collaboration with the non-profit sector. In 2014 Calgary organized their own event. and their success showed the need and appreciation from the community for board training. In 2015 Board Leadership Southeast Alberta organized their first meeting and we are happy to hear that other cities may be organizing their own events in the future.

What to expect

Every year we line up exciting sessions and speakers in a day-long program of engaging and informative workshops focused on board members of voluntary and not-for-profit organizations. In addition to focusing on the day to day business of non-profit boards, Board Leadership will provide an opportunity to engage with important issues impacting the non-profit sector and some of the sector’s thought leaders.

What past attendees have experienced at Board Leadership Edmonton

Our entire board attended the Board Leadership workshops together, while we were transitioning from an Operational Board to a Governance Board. The information we gathered was most helpful, and not only did we learn from it, but it gave us valuable resources to move forward with, and familiarized us with where we could find other resources when needed. After a year as a Governance Board I think we can credit our success in part to our attendance at your workshop. Everyone has been on the same page from day one because we were all working with the same information to start out with.

Lesley Kimble – Alpha 1 Canada, Chair and President

Board Leadership is a great event for current and prospective board members. Being on a board is challenging and lonely at times and this is an opportunity to connect with colleagues and get new perspectives. Presenters are always well prepared and speak from the experience of working with many different boards.

Anita Lunden – Edmonton Ten Thousand Villages Society, Chair of the Board

As a newcomer to serving on a Board, the sessions I participated in were highly applicable, and a real eye-opener to opportunities and issues I hadn’t even considered.

Jay Summach – Westmount Community League, Community Magazine Editor

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