How Boards Can Become Youth Ready

Since 2006, this University of Alberta program has responded to the on-going question posed by non profit boards: how do we bring in new perspectives, increase diversity on the board, attract younger board members and build their confidence and skills to engaged in successful succession planning?

Through this unique and cutting-edge program students apply and are matched with a non-profit board, assigned a mentor on the board and sit as non voting board members. The program helps build the skill level of students through a series of workshops on key aspects of non-profit board governance often facilitated by the Alberta Culture & Tourism’s Board Development Program and challenges the student to develop a legacy project for their board.

Mentors express their appreciation for the renewed sense of purpose as they think critically about their role on the board and enjoy the opportunities to reflect and question their decision making as they explain their role on the board to their intern. This award-winning program now boasts more than 120 graduates, some of whom now sit as active board members, work in the non-profit sector, and advocate for the growth of the non-profit sector.

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