Learning Lab – Rethinking your Model: Exploring the Dynamics of Governance in the 21st Century – Part 2

This session is a two-part event. Please ensure you have also signed up for the afternoon session as these are meant to be attended in conjunction.

Organizational dynamics in a fast-paced, ever changing world are becoming increasing complex, intensifying pressure on leadership and governance. Leaders in organizations now not only have to be prepared to guide an organization, but must prepare to navigate through times of ambiguity and uncertainty. With these current dynamics, there is no cookie cutter model for effectively leading an organization, increasing pressure on an organizations capacity to adapt, be creative and create relationships.

Join fellow Executive Directors, board members and the Community Development Unit in an experiential exercise focused on exploring the dynamics of governance in the 21st century. Working with a cadre of peers, participants in this session will be put through a series of exercises to provoke new thought and understanding, brainstorm/ imagine new realities, theorize, prototype and test new ideas and distill learnings in this three hour workshop.