Strategic Board Recruitment: Creating Engaging Boards


Due to illness Michael Walters could not attend and Pieter DeVos presented instead.


A lot is known about engaged nonprofit Board. These Boards are passionate about the organization’s mission; engage with stakeholders about their work with the organization; are adept at effective communication; and believe they are engaged in meaningful work. The good news is any Board can get there!! Join Michael Walters in discussing the following key factors:


  • Building public relationships– practicing the “public” one to one conversation and the ask required to set them up.
  • Recruiting and developing new volunteers and leaders- focusing on people’s passions and interests, not on only on organizational needs.      


  • Listening campaigns – learning to listen intentionally to our changing communities and the families who are under increasing pressures.
  • Running effective meetings- outlining the basic reasons for holding a meeting in the first place and the basic components of an effective meeting.