Bella Asiri

Bella is the Evaluation and Impact Initiative Senior Coordinator at Volunteer Alberta. In this role she supports Volunteer Centers (VCs) in Alberta to develop their technical evaluation capacities, equipping them with tools and resources to conduct evaluation and help their members evaluate and share their impact. Bella is mentoring and coaching the VCs to not only measure and assess the value and impacts of their programs and services but also share their findings and results to their stakeholders by use of simple, adaptable and creative ways and methods that are specific to their local situation.

Bella has done extensive Evaluation work internationally with Save the Children International in Kenya and Life International in the Horn of Africa and has worked with different non-profits in Edmonton including DonorworX, Volunteer Strathcona, Kids4Cameras and Ambassador Pilot Program a partnership between City of Edmonton, REACH Edmonton and North Edge Business Association.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Statistics) and Computer Science from Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT) in Kenya. Outside work, she enjoys reading, listening to music or audio books, travelling, hanging out with her family and friends and cooking!

  • Company:Volunteer Alberta
  • Short Bio:Evaluation and Impact Initiative Senior Coordinator
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