Bobbie O’Connor

Laughter, creativity, teamwork, intensity, and intentionality are just a few of the trademarks in my life. My passion for community development and lifelong learning have manifested in a 15-year marriage with the charitable sector – focusing on resource development, communications, and organizational leadership and governance.

Having worked in a range of organizations, from national foundations and healthcare institutions to grassroots social service agencies, my greatest fulfillment comes when working with enthusiastic, dedicated, driven teams. There, I often find an abundance of opportunity and imagination.

It is in those environments my ambition finds a balance and I’m able to use my strengths to help organizations achieve their goals. I’ve been fortunate to celebrate many successes, while also learning valuable lessons. Each have shaped my leadership. Most notably, my leadership in developing efficient, sustainable, and flexible business or campaign models that can respond to an organizations needs as they change over time.

My work has led me coast to coast in the U.S. and, in 2012, it took me to Canada. Although you might catch a southerner’s slip of the tongue here and there, my wife and I consider ourselves Canucks at heart.

When I’m not knee deep in some aspect of development, I enjoy traveling, cooking, home-crafted liqueurs, and wrestling with my two, one-hundred pound dogs. My greatest weaknesses however, are a wood-burning fire, a well-produced podcast, my son’s laugh, and my wife’s smile.

  • Company:Fringe Theatre
  • Short Bio:Director Dev. & Comm.
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