Zoe Fleming

Zoe Fleming, CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration), is a passionate individual focused on developing the strengths of individuals, organizations and communities. With a diverse background – from correctional services to community development to mountain adventure – her varied volunteer roles have included board member, mountaineer, risk analyzer, and event planner. She works with public, private and non-profit organizations on community engagement, clarifying goals and evaluating progress toward those goals. The experience Zoe has gained with organizations, including BanffLIFE, Volunteer Calgary, Volunteer Canada, and the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration, has provided direction in her life, education and career. With this experience, and the support of her peers, she recently started a community-focused business, Community Base Camp, which allows her to share her enthusiasm, knowledge and skills with a wider variety of organizations. Zoe is a facilitator with Volunteer Alberta.

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